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Karungali Garudalvar

Karungali Garudalvar

Our product Karungali Garudalvar has a demand in the market due to the fact that he is distributed to devotees after conducting a 30 days special pooja by 12 Veda Pandits reciting the slogas such as Garuda Panjakshari Manthra, Garuda Maala Manthra and other powerful manthras of Lord Garuda for about 1 Lakh and 20 Thousand times. Further we conduct a grand Homam for our Karungali Garudar Statues on an ausipicious day after that he will be either sent on courier or people would come directly and get him from our office.

On receiving Karungali Garudar Statue, We request the devotees to continue the pooja for him at home, even the simple pooja of offering him edibles (Atleast dry grapes) as Neivedhyam and recite the simple and powerful Manthra of Shim Shibaya Namaha which is called the Garuda Panjakshari Manthram should be done regularly.

Benefits of Garuda Worship on Karungali (Black Ebony Wood):

* We can get rid of Sarpa Dhosham to Sarva Dhosham including (Raghu - Kethu Dhosham)

* Gives a relief from Delay in Marriage or Child

* Removal of unwanted Fear and Shyness

* Blesses us with clear Vision and Mind and many more.

The courier package consists of

1. One Karungali Garudazhawar,

2. Mini Manthra Book (explanation in both Tamil and English) and

3. Homam Rakshai (holy ash)

Homam Rakshai can either be applied on the forehead regularly or tied on a red or yellow cloth at the entrance of the house to avoid any evil & evil eye